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Created in 1977, CHIP-8 is the original fantasy console. Initially designed to ease game development for the COSMAC VIP kit computer, it has enjoyed several revivals over the decades for new and exciting platforms. Today, creating a CHIP-8 implementation is a rite of passage for anyone interested in learning about emulation.

Octo is a modern IDE for CHIP-8 development that runs in your browser. With a convenient high-level assembler, debugging tools, a sprite editor, and extensive documentation and examples included, Octo has everything you need to dive into CHIP-8 and start programming a real 8-bit computer.

Share your programs directly through Octo, as portable "Cartridges" embedded in images, or export standalone HTML builds of your program for use in Itch. You can even use Octo's adaptive input system to make your games playable on touch-based devices!

Want to use Octo on the go, or outside a browser? Try out Octode, which runs natively on MacOS, Windows, and inexpensive computers like the PocketCHIP.

Start using Octohttp://octo-ide.com/
Native "C-Octo"https://github.com/JohnEarnest/c-octo
Browser-based Octohttps://github.com/JohnEarnest/Octo
Games made with Octohttps://johnearnest.github.io/chip8Archive/
The 2019 Octojamhttps://itch.io/jam/octojam-6
The 2020 Octojamhttps://itch.io/jam/octojam-7
The 2021 Octojamhttps://itch.io/jam/octojam-8


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