That word game, but smaller.


  • You have 5 tries to guess a 3-letter English word.
  • Each guess must also be a valid English word (based on a built-in dictionary of about 500 words). If your guess isn't valid, the background will flash and you will be allowed to modify the word and try again.
  • If any letters in your guess are the correct letter in the correct place, they will be inverted in your guess and on the keyboard.
  • If any letters in your guess are not correct, but the letter does appear in the word, they will be given a dotted underline.
  • If any letters in your guess do not appear in the word at all, they will be removed from the keyboard.
  • Note: it is possible for letters to appear more than once in a word!


  • Use ASWD or the arrow keys to move your cursor.
  • Press E or the spacebar to make selections.
  • Press Q as a shortcut for deleting characters from your guess.


WDL was created as part of Octojam 9, an annual game jam about writing software for a virtual game console from the late 1970s. Learn more about the tools used to write this, and find out how to make your own games, on the Octo itch page.

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AuthorInternet Janitor
Tags1-bit, chip8, octo, Word game, Wordle


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Nice game!  It is neat to see it work with just three letters.


The exe was joy! Got “Bug” and won, but had max try.