There are many eggs like it, but this egg is yours. Decorate and personalize your precious egg.

The Ornamented Ovum is an example project demonstrating how to make paper-doll "dressup" games using Decker. Feel free to tweak it, remix it, or use it as a starting point for creating your own projects! You can also check out the community forum post explaining how to make new draggable parts.

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AuthorInternet Janitor
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Thank u for this. A good reminder to fear what the human mind is capable of birthing.


I named them Mellencorly


would it be possible to make an image export button? ie to programmatically do menu:File>Export Image…


Sure! The "write[]" function can programmatically export images (or even animations), and there are also ways to composite together and crop images with scripts. I'll see about working up an example and maybe a few more goodies this evening when I have time.


@eoin2: v1.1 has a "Save Photo!" button, along with some goofy new parts. I did a little writeup in the Decker forum if you wanted some details on the scripting side of things. :)


that was great fun! Made on my iPhone (I can’t edit the text on mobile, but the dragging and buttons works)


Appears to perform as advertised.


I present to you Eggy The First.

My egg is the best